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Project Description


The Apple Park Store has been operating extensively throughout the country since 2017 in the field of importing and selling Apple products and accessories, providing distinctive support and after-sales services.

In line with this, this store complies with the laws of the Consumer Protection Organization, applying the technical knowledge of experienced and specialized personnel, using useful and effective business tools and placing the corporate ethics charter and observing customer-oriented principles and target market executives as the head The tablet was able to make a significant contribution to the sales of Apple products and accessories nationwide, especially at the Tehran mobile market. Achieving the highest levels of customer confidence and trust in the mobile market has been one of Apple Park’s successes over the years.

Apple Park Store Using the experience of selling and after-sales service of Apple products over the years, numerous branches across the country and relying on specialized and technical forces in this field, decided to establish a specialized online shopping platform for Apple products. And its accessories are based on the latest technology and methods of the world. This has been done to protect the rights of Iranian customers and systematic elements of online sales and to provide better after-sales services and products with Apple’s warranty, in the context of cyberspace at the website.