Hesse Bartar is a company including Iranian-Swiss scent marketing experts that is active as a first and only performer of scent marketing projects, optimize the air scent of places and also presenter of sauna fragrances, perfume, cosmetic industry packaging and modern machinery perfume environment. This company started in 1998 as Taghizadeh Trading Group and could cover a large extend of the local markets and surrounding countries according to customer’s satisfaction and support till now.

Employer : Mr Taghizadeh

Project Manager : Bizhan Khodabakhsh

Sponser : Amir Arsalan Azarmanesh

Website: www.HesseBartar.net

Instagram : @hessebartar.official

Mission :
  • Create the best user experience for the audience
  • Combining creativity and innovation with the emotions of the audience in the bed of the perfume house
  • Develop a platform for offering products online
Prospect : 
  • Writing a brand strategy with the aim of creating an integrated brand visual identity
  • Increase awareness and the number of audiences and increase interactions
  • Increase sales and write sales strategy in accordance with brand strategy